In February and March of 2012, Eva and Kieran travelled around the North-West and South-West of India for 5 weeks. They also met up with Charitarth and Moiyyad (of IAYC fame) for several days in Surat and Pune. In order to document the Journey Eva and Kieran made both Videos and a Podcast series. See below. The podcasts were recorded on alternating days in German and English to cater to the audience.


Video Region Dates Video Link
1 Mumbai, Surat 28.01.2012 - 01.02.2012
2 Jodhpur, Khuri, Jaisalmer 01.02.1012 - 04.02.2012
3 Ranthambor,  Agra, Delhi 05.02.2012 - 12.02.2012
4 Kochi, Munnar, Goa 13.02.2012 - 26.02.2012
5 Pune, Surat, Mumbai 27.02.2012 - 03.03.2012