It is said that on the the anniversary of a Leschinski's 18th year on this planet, the parent's of said child will gift an open ended plane ticket to any elected destination. The pass is valid for a single journey only, and the fledgling must find their way home. 

Both logistically, and spiritually.

If 'home' in this case is to be defined as the location of Leschinski manor, then this list documents any travel outside of Australia.

It is to be noted, however, that 'home' has become a bit more of a fluid definition as all Brothers have spent extended periods of time in locations outside of Edithvale. (See full article: Home)

Here is a list of the journeys that members of the Leschinski Family have undertaken:


Participants Country Duration of Visit Description Link to Travel Article
1999 The Leschinski Family U.S.A 1 month @rolskipops had work with ARRB and allowed his family to visit Leschinski's in Hollywood
2000 The Leschinski Family Sri Lanka and the Maldives 2 weeks A family holiday to the Maldives on frequent flyer points Leschinski's in the Indian Ocean
2001 The Leschinski Family and "The Stewarts" Fiji 2 weeks A combined family holiday to Fiji Leschinski/Stewart Family Holidays
2003-2004 Kieran Germany 10 weeks

Kieran's SAGSE Exchange

SAGSE Exchange Programme
2005 Kieran Russia 5 months Kieran lived and taught in English in Velikiy Novgorod Kieran's Gap Year
2005 Kieran Europe 3 months Kieran backpacked around Europe Kieran's Gap Year
2005 Kieran Trans Siberian Railway 2 months Kieran travelled by train from Moscow to Ho CHi Minh city Kieran's Gap Year
2005 Jonathan Germany / Switzerland 6 weeks PRSC Student exchange to Lorch (and Luzern for Frau Trewell) Realshule Lorch
2006 The Leschinski Family Singapore 1 week The UWCSEA reunion UWCSEA
2006-2007 Jonathan Germany / Austria 10 weeks Jono's SAGSE exchange to Dinslaken SAGSE Exchange Programme
2006-2007 Kieran, Katie Latin America 3 months Kieran and Katie travel through the Americas Trips to South America
2007 Roland, Chris, Kieran, Patrick New Zealand 17 days The AYB trip to New Zealand The Australian Youth Band
2007 - 2009 Jonathan Costa Rica 2 Years Finishing high school at the United World College of Costa Rica El colegio del mundo unido
2007-2008 Jonathan, Nina, Kika Ecuador 2 weeks Christmas and New Years with my UWCCR 'buddy' Kika Navidad en Ecuador
2008 Kieran, Emma, Jen, Ben, Tess South East Asia 7 weeks Backpacking through South East Asia with Uni friends South East Asia
2008 Kieran, Patrick China 16 days The Beijing Olympic Youth Orchestra Beijing Olympics
2008 Jonathan, Tom, Mirja, Sondre, Emma, Alexis, Jet Central America (Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatamala, Belize) 4 weeks Bus trip with the worldly school comrades to Belize Bus to Belize
2008 Jonathan, Alexis, Karina Panama 10 days Easter holiday with Alexis and Kari across the border Panamania
2008 Jonathan, Emma Cuba 2 weeks "History class" research trip Viva Cuba
2008 Jonathan, Kieran, Roland, Chris Mexico 2 weeks Chrismas with Regs, Trini and brothers trip to Chiapas. Viva Mexico

Jonathan, Kieran, Lucas, Mel, The Skarstens, The Chrstiansen Family, Various from the UWCCR Family

Europe (England, Republic of Ireland, Denmark, Norway, 

Austria, Czech Republic, 

Germany, Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo, 

Serbia, Hungary,Italy, Latvia, 

Belgium, Scotland, England, 

The Netherlands, France, 

Spain, Gibraltar, Svalbard)

9 Months The start of Jono's long journey home. Including 3 months in Norway, and a solid chunk in Denmark. GAP Year+
2009- 2010 Kieran Austria 14 months Exchange year at Vienna Uni Vienna University
2010 Kieran, Jonathan, Patrick North, Central and South America 5 months The Brothers Leschinski tour the Americas The South America Chronicles
2010 Kieran, Patrick U.S.A 3 weeks The AYB trip to North America The Australian Youth Band
2011 Kieran Austria 6 weeks Return to Vienna and the IAYC IAYC
2012 Kieran, Eva India 5 weeks Kieran and Eva backpacked around India In India
2012 Kieran Austria >2 years Kieran moved to Austria (indefinately) Vienna University
2012 Jonathan, Maea New Zealand 4 weeks Visiting Jono's new housemates family, and skiing/UWC with Maea Aertoroa
2012 Kieran, Patrick, Eva England 1 week Allan Cole's Wedding The Wedding of Father Allan Cole
2013 Kieran, Eva Australia 5 weeks Returning home to visit family Australia 2013
2013 Jonathan Wales 2 Weeks UWC Australia representative at the 50th UWC Internatinoal Congress  UWC Australia
2013 Kieran, Eva


7 Days Horse riding and Yurt Staying with Eva


Posterous Post ArchiveEdit

Globe Trottin'

May 24 2010, 1:08 PM  by Jonathan Leschinski

With Kieran in a usual tif' about old age and time, whilst on the bus from Panama to Costa Rica, a quick tally was made. Some disputes over 'seen' vs 'been', left numbers hazy, but a rough idea is as follows.

Also, for those at home: define "The UK".

1990-1998  Australia

1999  USA

2000  Sri Lanka  Maldives

2001  Fiji

2005  Germany  Switzerland  Singapore  Malaysia

2006  Germany  Austria

2007  USA  Chile  Costa Rica  Ecuador

2008  Costa Rica  Panama  Nicaragua  El Salvador  Guatamala  Belize  Mexico  USA

Cuba  Costa Rica  Mexico

2009  England  Republic of Ireland  Denmark  Norway  Austria  Czech Republic  Germany  Greece  Albania  Montenegro  Kosovo  Serbia  Hungary  Italy  Latvia  Belgium  Republic of Ireland  Scotland  England  The Netherlands  France  Spain  Gibraltar  Norway (Svalbard)

2010  Chile  Argentina  Paraguay  Uruguay  Bolivia  Peru  Colombia  Panama

As of the 23rd of May 2010  45 Countries in 20 years.

(Kieran 54 (23), Pat 23 (18))


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  • Jun 2 2010, 7:00 PM(Facebook) responded:those are a lot of countries.
  • Oct 22 2012, 1:42 PMKIeran responded:My tally is up to 60 btw =) K