WikiLife (or Life according to Wiki) is the current name of the BLC Project to start a life of the Grid. The core idea is that with the current state of human knowledge and education, and with access to the vast knowledge base that is wikipedia, we should be able to survive if stranded in the wilderness with nothing to begin with.

Central IdeaEdit

The main idea for the Project stemed out of extending the principles of the game MineCraft to a real life scenario. At the beginning of Minecraft, the player starts in the middle of no where, with nothing. He/She must then fell trees and mine minerals to survive. As the player collect raw materials, they can manufacture ever more complex items which help to speed up everyday tasks. For example: after felling a tree, one makes a pickaxe and starts mining stone and ore. From the stone one builds a furnace and smelts iron. The iron pickaxe is more durable and hardier that the original wooden one and so quicken the players progress. This continues until the player has an automated quarry. Thus the player can concentrate on other parts of life such as farming or building. WikiLife endevours to recreate this scenario in real life. A participant of WIkiLife would find his or herself in the wilderness and must survive.

Naturally the player in Minecraft needs the knowledge of how to construct advanced tools. This knowledge is generally gained by using Google. In the real life version, we propose to provide the participant with a tablet with the current version of WIkipedia. Wikipedia claims to be the most comprehesive knowledge base ever assembled and so it is assumed that any human with access to it, has access to whatever knowledge he or she needs to rebuild a human civilisation. Thus armed with nothing but a tablet (and solar charger), participants are expected to build a shelter, mill, mine, farm, basic tools and anything else one might need to life using only those materials one has at hand. Nothing is to be imported or exported from the WikiLife environment.

Useful Information for the Early StagesEdit

There are several initial steps that are crucial to surviving: Shelter, Water and Food. Once these have been secured, one can begin improving and making more efficient the process of living. Here are several ideas on how to achieve these goals:

  • Shelter: The shelter at the beginning does not need to be a 5 star hotel. Something simple to keep the rain off and animals out will do. Building off the ground will help in the beginning. 
  • Food: Potatoes mature in around 60 days

Possible Edit

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